The Orpheus Group

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Sect Profile
Venue Name Orpheus
Area Magid
Organization None
Head Story Teller None
Story Teller Bombero
Narrators None

"Welcome to Orpheus Group, Magid! My name is Sharona how can I help you?"

Sharona Hess is the cheerful University of Magid student that mans the front desk at the lobby. She's your average college student, though perhaps a bit prettier than your average receptionist. The stereotype of blonde on the surface, she intentionally hides a deeper intelligence.

Even so, she's just a receptionist. When it comes to what Orpheus Group says they can do, she has the answer. Not that she believes it. She's smarter than that, after all. Just the same, she will provide what answers she can, and will direct any serious inquires to management (the STs).

Basically, if you look in the Orpheus book, there is a series of blurbs starting on page 55 and FaQs on page 64. This is public information that Orpheus Group admits to, and Sharona will gladly share it. Just remember, some of the blurbs in the book are for people who are seeking employment, and those aren't always public information. Any doubts and Sharona will say, "I'm sorry, i'm not certain about that. If you would like, I would be happy to schedule a meeting with Mr. Jones ."

Any persistent investigators are welcome to reference Mr. Jones, People Services Director. For now, he has a minimal staff and is doing much of the work himself. Any rolls made against Sharona by other supers must be done with an ST playing Sharona. Aside from that, she's amiable. At least until she finds a "real job" (aka, we come up with another NPC receptionist).

By all accounts, there can always be a a completely ignorant temp filling in, if Sharona gets sick, had an emergency, had to make up a test at school, took a personal day (aka, when in doubt, there is a temp, and don't worry. Players investigating Orpheus can wait for an ST if they want anything other than basic info publicly available).

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