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Alias: Professor Socrates Thelopolous, The Professor, Old Goat (his daughters only).

Seeming: Grump

Kith: Satyr

House: None

Status: Commoner


Despite being past his prime, this grump is still attractive: his hair is dark, with a touch of grey in his temples that make him look distinguished. He has the same dark gaze as his daughters, and when he smiles, tiny laughter wrinkles appear at the corners of his eyes. He keeps a well trimmed goatee and moustache, and his impressive curled horns are always polished. He is going slightly soft in the middle, but his physique is well-maintained, and although he's not very tall, he's still fit. He favours the long togas of the Greek scholarly tradition, but is not averse at all to wearing good suits -- never with a tie, however.

Common Knowledge:

At first, one would think that his daughters' reputations would overshadow him, but the Professor is a formidable member of the Freehold in his own right. In the human world, he's the Dean of Classic Studies in the Magid U; in Fae society, he's a respected Lorekeeper, knowledgeable of many a tradition, and some even of other Kiths. He records and chronicles all the events that can be of important for the future, and barters information from multiple sources to complete his own. On top of being a veritable source for knowledge, he is highly respected by his powerful intellect, with him easily being one of the most intelligent (if not the most) Fae in the Freehold; during times of war, however, he will drop his studies, and become a tactical advisor. Calidore often resorts to him and his expertises in warfare. It is odd to think of a Satyr, traditionally both scholars and lovers, as an expect of war. Socrates, however, excels (at least according to him) in all three -- until now, fortunately, such knowledge has not yet been put in action.

But that day might be uncomfortably close.


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