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Do we use the rules for Overdosing and Withdrawal?

Yes. These rules can be found on Page 502 of V20 and Page of Ghouls: Fatal Addiction.

What about Clan Weakness?

Yes. That starts on Page 501 of the V20 Core book. If you imbibe or inject five or more points you could potentially be affected by a "lesser" form of the weakness.

Can Ghouls Learn In Clan, uncommon Disciplines?

Yes, if their Domitor teaches them and they ingest a point of vitae from their Domitor at time of teaching. The only time this rule is more complicated is if the Parent Clan is Tremere and the discipline in question is Thaumaturgy. In order for a ghoul of the Tremere to learn Thaumaturgy (Any path) they must not only imbibe the required vitae, but also require Acolyte Status within the clan and be put through the Inherited Affinity Ritual and survive it. It's not an easy process by any means.

What if my Domitor is missing due to OOC Circumstances? Can I become mortal again?

Sometimes. If you belong to certain clans, like Giovanni, or Tremere, you run the risk of either being swapped to someone else in that clan, or killed. This is the price you pay for being part of that clan. Sometimes, it wont even matter which clan you are part of -- if that clan decides that you retain too many secrets to be let loose.

Otherwise, yes, if it's within reasonable standards. You are expected to play out the withdrawals and act accordingly.

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