Mortal: The Journey

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Sect Profile
Venue Name Mortal: The Journey
Area Magid
Organization Independent
Head Story Teller Amber_ST
Story Teller None Currently
Narrators None currently

Mortal the Journey is a game about the masses of humanity coping with the horrors of the World of Darkness. They forge what alliances they have and hope that what they see out of the corners of their eyes is nothing more than their mind playing tricks on them. Some are blissfully ignorant of the dangers of the world, others think they have a handle on it and that they are the penultimate predator. Few ever realize that they are the fuel for a whole other war that is going on. The blood that Vampires crave, the Faith that Demons desperately need, the dreams of Changelings, and the potential recruits for Mages. Will you be able to hold onto your humanity? Will you be strong enough to face the darkness and claim this world as yours? Or will you dance on the strings another gives you in return for power?

Playing Mortal: The Journey on IV

House Rules

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