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Just South of Seattle on the coast of Washington Magid is the 5th largest city in the country with a population of 2.3 million. Within Magid you can find the opportunities of a lifetime. Magid boasts some of the most advanced technological companies and a world class research hospital. If arts are what interest you Magid has several thriving centers for the arts to attract both spectators and new talent. Of course Magid is a huge city and for every 1 that makes it thousands end up lost in the gutters, but is that really all that different from any other city? Isn't the chance worth it?

Magid grew into the city it is today from a dozen smaller cities which formed due to the rich nest of minerals located in the region. Mountains that contained gold, iron, tin and copper in rich supply formed a solid mining industry, and coal mines and forests provided fuel for the furnaces of invention. Magid grew rich with the industries which formed from this abundance of natural resources, boasting a steel industry second to none in the whole of the US. It was these raw material spawned industries, factories, production plants and such, that drew in an abundance of of fresh workers. This expansion occurred at such a rate that by the start of the Second World War Magid was one of the most populated cities in the US, however still smaller in area than almost all of equal population (Magid currently has a population of 2.3 Million). With the factories came high-profile labor strife, powerful unions formed, and dominated city politics, causing havoc throughout the 1930's over employee pay. Shamefully Magid had one of the lowest wage rates in the country at the time, using a lot of ethnic minorities for cheap manual labor. This led to to massive riots in 1934, that in turn led to the relocation of the city's rich and powerful south of the river, from what is now Old Town, to Litchfield and Newtown. Little was it known that this would set up the city for the north-south divide seen today. The city suffered then, but was redeemed for a time by the Second World War - chemical plants were needed more than ever, and failing factories designed for the manufacture of nails, or rivets became bullet factories and Magid was revived.

After the war Magid maintained a level of stability until the 70s, when the combination of free trade, meaning cheaper products from overseas, and a recession, put the final Magid Steel nails in the coffin. Unemployment rose as factories closed, unable to compete with overseas jobs and high paying manufacturing and engineering jobs gave way to other low paying work. The city continued in steady decline, north of the river especially. Places like Cabrini Green, which 20 years ago was a place to be proud of, now exists as a foul den of drugs and crime. In the late 90s it seemed like Magid was going through a revival, when major companies were lured by the Mayor's polices and cheap land. During the period of 98-99 Brookfield was very much reborn, as the city became home to the headquarters of 27 fortune 500 companies, communications, information technology, medical research, pharmaceutical production, high tech engineering, and 3 military production and research companies. However, rather than reviving the city as a whole, this influx of business only widened the divide between north and south Magid. Middle and upper-class, educated citizens began getting high paid jobs, and Abram gave tax cuts to the wealthy also - this combined with a national trend for the same thing, well, the poor got poorer, while the rich got richer.

Political Structure

Shared Businesses

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Public Places

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Permanent Setting Rooms

Player Run Establishments


(BF) The Watchtower Headquarters - Primary Outpost (This is a building in Brookfield, Magid)
(CG) The Junkyard

Map of the City & Districts


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