Mage: The Ascension

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Sect Profile
Venue Name Mage: The Ascension
Area Magid
Organization Tifton
Head Story Teller N/A
Story Teller Apan, SqueakyToy
Narrators FullyChargedFamiliar


Mage: The Ascension (MtA) is a game about magic and consequences, struggle and survival. Unlike the savagery of Werewolf and horror of Vampire, Mage focuses on people who are mostly human, granted extraordinary powers and gifts, and then placed in a world that neither wants nor remembers them. Consensus reality and the guiding hand of Technocratic Union has brought the Ascension War to a conclusion - The Nine Traditions of magic have lost. Their greatest willworkers and mighty fortresses are lost or destroyed. They are hunted from one end of the Earth to the other by the Conventions of the Union and their enlightened allies. Governments rise against the carnage and chaos left in their wake, branding them as Terrorists even without knowledge of their magic. Humanity has fallen in to stagnation and complacence, giving Paradox a new level of viciousness, even as the Soulstorm ravages access to the Umbra and Horizon, the last possible refuge.

In Magid, the Mages of the city are relegated to hiding amongst the downtrodden and hopeless, the dreamers and hopeful losers. They remain hidden away, creating miracles and plying destruction away from the eyes of polite society, passed off as illusions and drug-addled dreams of the manic population residing amongst the squalor of the city. Truly the mighty have fallen far.



The City of Magid

The Traditions: Defeated and Defiant

The Technocracy: Victors and Destroyers

Madness and Insanity: The Monsters of Magid


State of Mage


Once slums, they are transforming into something...more.

The Barrens

Urban decay at its finest.

Magid University

A spark of learning amongst nothingness.

Locations of Interest

Where Mages gather.

The Penumbra

Mirrored spiritual reflections of Magid and their denizens.

The Chantries

The Institute for Enlightened Gentlemen

Paradigm Shift

The Stargazers

Tradition Chantries

The Traditions

Playing Mage on IV

Character Creation

Character Development

House Rules






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