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Venue Specific Rules

What is Influence

Influence is gained, used, & removed through roleplay, and the conflict between Influence users. This means you may grow, use, and even lose Influence at any time throughout the course of game. Should your Influence be subject of change, the Influence ST will inform you as such through your Influence Thread. This is based on what actions your character has taken, or not taken, in addition to the action of others in the game. If you wish to build your Influence, you will need to spend the required Exp. If you lose Influence, you will not be refunded for it, as it is considered an IC action. Lastly, Influence offers no passive effects, all things must be requested, other then what is noted below, and your name becoming more known the further you are up the Influence ladder.

What do Influences do?

Some actions that influence can be used for are given below:

Types of influences

Examples by sphere, Note these are ONLY examples. Your game may have slightly different levels or descriptions.

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